UGHA 2002 Hall of Fame Photo Album


This Web Page contains photos from the UGHA 2002 Hall of Fame Luncheon and Concert.  It is dedicated to all Inductees, especially ..................

Steve Gibson / Damita Jo & the Red Caps                  

Click on thumbnails to see full size photo. 

ronniechuck.JPG (58501 bytes) Ronnie I & Chuck Carbo
chuck1.JPG (51788 bytes) Chuck Carbo taking a picture of Chuck Carbo on video screen
theresanance.JPG (45286 bytes) Theresa Nance is a columnist for the Herald News.  She was on hand filming interviews of the performers & fans. 
redcap1.JPG (57807 bytes) Paul Ressler, Ronnie and Stephanie Gibson (daughter of Steve Gibson & Damita Jo)
redcaps2.JPG (42183 bytes) Ronnie & Stephanie Gibson
natethomas.JPG (59798 bytes) Nate Thomas (Four Palms)
cecilhomes.JPG (52589 bytes) Cecil Holmes (Fi-Tones) and his wife
ronnie.JPG (49457 bytes) Ronnie testing electric wheelchair that was given to Willie Winfield for his wife Alice.
fitones.JPG (56192 bytes) The Fitones, Cecil Holmes, Lowe Murry & Ron Anderson 
chuck2.JPG (83107 bytes) Chuck Carbo (Spiders) & Lar-Kings
chuck3.JPG (69495 bytes) Chuck Carbo
chuck7.JPG (76711 bytes) Chuck Carbo
redcaps3.JPG (59463 bytes) Stephanie Gibson being interviewed
redcaps5.JPG (55874 bytes) Stephanie & family recieving HOF plaque for her dad, Steve Gibson.
redcaps6.JPG (87397 bytes) Stephanie Gibson and family .............
arlobev.JPG (74255 bytes) Lowe Murry (Fi-Tones) with long time fans, Arlene & Beverly
fitones2.JPG (64693 bytes) Fi-Tones onstage receiving their HOF plaques.
fitones6.JPG (70656 bytes) Fi-Tones
fitones7.JPG (85991 bytes) The Fi-Tones (Cecil Holmes, Ron Anderson, Lowe Murry)
billwitt1.jpg (48188 bytes) Bill Witt (Rocketones/Paragons/Velours) & Ronnie I
billwitt2.jpg (81430 bytes) Bill recieves his HOF plaque.
billwitt3.jpg (59471 bytes) Bill Witt & Rocketones / Paragons
sandi.JPG (106778 bytes) Sandi Italiano ...........
bobbymansfield.JPG (64173 bytes) Bobby Mansfield (Wrens) & his wife Anitta
bobby1.JPG (80923 bytes) Bobby Mansfield & Sheps
bobby2.JPG (62580 bytes) Bobby Mansfield
bobby3.JPG (64997 bytes) Bobby Mansfield & Sheps
rolandmartinez.JPG (52268 bytes) Ronnie paid tribute to Joe Duncan (Vocaleers) who passed away last week.  L to R: Frank Morrow who sang with Joe in later years), Paul Roland Martinez (Joe's brother who sang with original Vocaleers as well as Vocaltones & Crickets) & Herman Velez (Eternals)
pringle1.JPG (31341 bytes) Pringle Sims (Strangers)
strangers.JPG (69432 bytes) Strangers receiving HOF plaque.
strangers3.JPG (69953 bytes) Strangers onstage
willie1.jpg (71395 bytes) Ronnie presenting gift to Willie Winfield
willie2.jpg (34014 bytes) Willie & Ronnie
phil.jpg (23479 bytes) Phil Groia & Ronnie.  Phil is the author of "They All Sang On The Corner"
pamchuck.JPG (55448 bytes) Pam (fan) & Chuck
sheps2.JPG (60425 bytes) Sheps